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6 Best Android Emulator For PC (2020) Free Download – Emulator Gaming

best android emulator for pc
With the development of the best android emulator for pc, life has become easier as you can now download android apps pc. Many people wish to play android games and apps on their PC for larger and clear views. For instance, when a gamer wants to play games and watch the game on a bigger screen with clear and loud audio. Then they tend to witch the games on their PC. But many people do not know the best android emulator pc free download. So I decided to tell every reader about the android emulator for pc free download. best android emulator for pc There is a vast list of an android emulator for pc in the market today. Such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu, and much more which you can download easily on PC and Mac. So with the installation of such an emulator, you can download and enjoy playing the best android games pc and download android apps pc. So instead of writing hundreds of emulators, I have decided to write only three best android emulator pc free downloads. People are playing games from ages mostly on android smartphones, Playstations, and other electronic game consoles. But then with the eagerness in people to play games on PC and Mac, led the developers in work to create a solution for it. These developers came up with a great invention of Android Emulator for Games for PC and Mac. Basically, an emulator creates a safe passage of installing the official Playstore icon on PC and Mac. So now all my gaming lovers can easily play android games like PUBG, Apex legends, and many more with the Best 6 Android emulator For PC and Mac. Besides playing games, an emulator also lets you download other social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now the users can comment, share pictures, and upload photos and videos from PC as well. And also you can check your photos and videos on a large screen before uploading it on social media sites. With the passage of time and success in technology, many competitors have arisen with the development of Android Emulator for Games. And it’s not a piece of cake to select the best one out of all emulators. But again no need to worry, as I have myself tested around 30 emulators. And writing this blog to help my readers know the best 6 Android Emulator for Games for PC and Mac. You can opt for any of the emulators after analyzing the performances. Kindly subscribe to my post and share it if you like this blog.

Here is a list of Android Emulator for Games for PC and Mac


1.Bluestacks (Best Android Emulator For PC):

Bluestacks is the best and most authentic emulators that consume small storage space. It is a very light weighted emulator and runs smoothly on PC and Mac. And delivers the customers what it offers and does not hang the PC and Mac. You can install it easily from here and enter the Gmail login credentials into it for using its services. So with the help of Bluestacks emulator installation, you can easily download any game or apps on your PC. Bluestacks is the first one to mark its sign as an emulator for PC and Mac OS. And also is the best among the other in ranking because of its smooth performance. It produces cloud-based cross-platform products for the convenience of Windows users. With the successful entry of Bluestacks app player, the developers again wanted to update Bluestacks with other features also. This led to the development of Bluestacks versions: 1, 2, 3, and 4, 3N, Bluestacks TV. All these versions work great with PC and Mac and are free to use.
Best Android Emulator For PC
As you know Bluestacks emulates the Playstore on PC and Mac. So now you can easily install any game or app. And also you can pre-download the apk file from a trusted browser and later install it with Bluestacks app. You can also show live streaming with the help of Bluestacks TV. So if you want to use Bluestacks smoothly with an ad blocker, then you must go with its paid version which costs round about 3.33$ monthly. You can also get more details about Bluestacks regarding its downloading process in this blog.

Nox Player:

Nox Player also offers the best features after Bluestacks emulator. It also runs smoothly without troubling the users. Download it easily from here and install it by following the instructions it is giving to you. After downloading Nox Player, just enter the Gmail i.d and password and then you can watch the icon on your desktop. So whenever you feel to download any game or app, you can easily click on the Nox Player icon and start downloading it. Nox is the best emulator choice for playing android games on PC and Mac OS. It is very easy to download and provides all its features at free cost. You can also intuitively map the Nox emulator to your keyboard for properly playing the game. It is also compatible with other playing devices like the joystick, sketch board, and many more. Downloading Nox gives you the adventure of playing android games on a large screen with keyboard assistance. You do not need to worry about ads that come in the way while playing games. This emulator blocks the ad and lets the user play the game smoothly. And also Nox emulator updates on regular bases to assist its users with any bugs.
You can play almost every game with Nox emulators like DBZ Dokkan BattleAdo Stunt car 2, and many more. Just like other emulators, Nox also downloads the official Playstore icon in PC and Mac. From where you can download all types of games. You can also download the apk file from this Android emulator and enjoy using it.  
Nox Player download

3.MEmu (Best Android Emulator For PC):

MEmu is also one of the best options to select while choosing the Best Android Emulator PC Free Download. It was quite fast downloading speed and allows you to download any game or app. So just download the game like Temple Run, Candy Crush, etc by using the MEmu emulator. And play the games easily and get more chances to defeat your enemies with larger screen and keypad controller. You can also download best android apps pc and use them.
Best Android Emulator For PC
MEmu is again another best emulator for playing games and downloading apps on PC and Mac. It uses Android Lollipop and gives users the best performance of all times. MEmu is compatible with AMD, Nvidia chips, Android Jelly Beans, Kit Kat. You can play games on it with relatively high speed but sometimes does not provide high definition graphics to users. It also works smoothly with other gaming devices such as a joystick, sketch board, etc. You can use a keyboard for better functioning of games.
You can install any game with the help of the Playstore icon available in the MEmu emulator. And also download apk files with it by double-clicking the files. Moreover, you can easily customize CPU and device model number, resolution and root mode. MEmu has the same features just like Bluestacks and Nox, but its speed and graphics resolution is less good than the upper two emulators. It also blocks annoying ad popups and has a smooth interface.
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • CPU: Intel i5 or i7 (Generation 2,3,4,5).
  • RAM: 4 to 8GB.
  • Free Of Cost.
memu download

4.Remix OS:

Remix OS is one of the best development in the world of android emulators. There are plenty of emulators in the market, but Remix OS is multi-tasking. As you can play multiple games at the same time as this. And also you can enjoy downloading apps and games on it. Remix OS gives direct access to the Playstore app that lets you download any android app on PC and Mac. And the best part of this emulator is again it provides all of its features at free cost.
You can also download social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many more. And it works really smoothly and is easy to understand for everyone. You can easily download any game and app with Remix OS, but first of all download apk file from google chrome. And then ultimately you can download the apk file from Remix OS emulator for PC and Mac. Cost: $0.0 Windows Operating System: 7/8/8.1/10.

5.Droid4X (Best Android Emulator For PC):

Droid4Xemulator for PC and Mac is also ranked among the best android. It has very unique functions with smart and easy to use options. Like all other emulators, Droid4X also emulates android apps and games on computer Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac. You can also capture the screenshots of what you are using or playing on the spot. This meritorious emulator facilitates the users with all features at free of cost. That means you do not have to spend money on buying PlayStation, Xbox360, etc.
droid 4x Now use your PC and Mac OS like the way you use Android smartphones. You can play any game that needs an android KitKat for installation. And also it benefits the users to play with the large pad keyboard to win the game in a better manner than android users. You can also customize the settings for better screen graphics to play. Now download any game or app with the Apk files and the downloaded app is already available in the Droid4X emulator. It has the same functions just like Bluestacks but the speed is sometimes relatively low.

6.Genymotion Emulator:

Genymotion emulator is designed with a smooth interface that lets you download and play games with ease. If you have to test a game and do not want to ruin the mobile system, then you can check to play the game on PC with this emulator. Genymotion needs a signup process and after that it allows you to use it. You can easily download any game and app with it. Genymotion emulator is compatible with all devices and operating systems.
You can virtualize many android mobiles like Samsung Galaxy and notes. It is integrated with Eclipse and Android Studio. All you need is a high internet connection for downloading Genymotion and then other games. You can easily control the whole computer screen with Genymotion icons and play a game with full-screen graphics. This feature lets you watch things clearly while playing games.

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