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Temple Run – Download For Android/ PC and Mac- Emulator Gaming

Temple Run Game

Temple Run is also among the list of the never-ending runner games just like Subway Surfers. As you succeed in the game the evil demon monkeys start chasing you. And you have to save yourself from becoming the delicious bite of the dangerous monkeys. Temple Run has got a tremendous amount of fame as the downloading quantity exceeded in android smartphones. But over time, Temple Run was also released for Windows and Mac. According to the resources, Temple Run developer is in collaboration with Disney for creating Temple Run Brave, Temple Run Oz, and Temple Run Hunters. The idea of the Temple Run game is inspired by so many game developers that they tried to recreate the endless running games. Nowadays you can see the copies of running games on the Playstore just like Angry Gran Run, or other best android games pc, etc.

The game has a lot of dangers and obstacles that come into your way for helping the monkeys get their appetite accomplished. The player has the freedom to run as much as he wants because there is no end to the temple road. But if you collide with any obstacle or jump into the water, then you are dead. But you can still continue playing the game by using keys which again gives the player a chance. By using the key you can again restart the game from where you were drowned. You can download this game very easily by following the instructions below.

How To Play Temple Run:

It is very easy to play Temple Run game, all you need to do is just download it. If you are a PC lover, you can install it from Bluestacks emulator. After installing you can start playing the game. The player just needs to run and save itself from colliding with any block. You can swipe left and right for collecting the coins.


Temple Run


And also you can swipe up for jumping upwards. You can also jump in order to dodge yourself from an obstacle or collecting coins. There are three kinds of coins which are red, blue and golden. If you collect blue coins that means three points are added into your money. But if you collect a red coin that means you collect two coins. And last but not least if you collect the gold coin, you receive only one point. You can use this money for buying power-ups or new characters which are quite fast.

Additional Information:

  • The graphics are 3D and very clear to watch.
  • The audio system is also very well.
  • Many obstacles come in the way.
  • You can buy power-ups and boosters for running more fastly.
  • New upgraded scenarios where you can walk.
  • You can also use the key to resuming the game where you were dead.

How To Download Temple Run For PC and Mac | Reviews:


You can easily play Temple Run on smartphones and iPhones. But in order to play this game on PC and Mac. You need to install an unofficial means to download android apps and games on PC. For this reason, I am going to tell you about an emulator. Bluestacks is such an emulator that downloads the Playstore on PC and Mac. So follow these instructions and also watch the gameplay of Temple Run from youtube and easily install this game. The reviews about this game are remarkable. Nearly every person in the world has played this game. Because of its HD screen and ad-free game.

Temple Run Playstore

Bluestacks Installation Process:

You need to install the Bluestacks emulator at the first step. I am giving you the link of Bluestacks, you can open this link and successfully download and get more information about this emulator.

Official PlayStore Icon:

When you will open Bluestacks, you can see the play store icon on the home screen. Just click this icon for further downloading process.

Temple Run Download For PC and Mac:

Open the PlayStore and type Temple Run and press enter. The installation will consume some time but do not quit until you install it successfully. And also you can download its apk file from google and afterward download it from Bluestacks.


temple run


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