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snake and ladders game

Snakes and Ladders Game – Every child’s fantasy begins to come alive, this amazing snake and ladder chess. You can re-live a thrilling experience set in a beautiful, more map snake and ladder game. There are striking ladders, attacked by snakes and sliding down, leading to your opponents, more fun. You can play this game against other players. Your device can also be simulated as other players, and you can enjoy the game alone.



Square numbers from 1 to N. In addition to the first and last numbered squares, other grids may have snakes or ladders (the number and specific positions of snakes and ladders are determined by the input, their number is within 100 and snakes and ladders cannot be placed close to each other , That is, there is at least one grid with nothing placed between any squares where the two ends are placed). At the beginning, the player put their markers in grid. You can also download Nintendo ds roms, xbox 360 emulator gamesdolphin emulator APK.

Input requirement:

How many test data, enter N, S, L, (0 <N <= 20, 0 <S <= 100, 0 <L <= 100) where N is the row of squares, S is the number of snakes, L is the number of ladders, then enter the mouth and tail of the snake in line S, and the bottom Top. If a counter reaches the snake’s mouth, move it back to the snake’s tail. And then the pointer reaches the bottom of a ladder, move it to the top of the ladder.


If you are a master who can control the dice freely, you can now throw the dice at least a few times to reach the grid marked N ^ 2. (For example, in the first example shown in the figure above, your plan should be to take 4 steps to 5 and rise from the ladder to 16, then 4 steps to 20 and from the ladder to 33, and then take 3 steps. In this way, you need a total of Throw the dice 3 times. In the second case, your plan should be to throw 4,6 in a row .

Output requirements:

Each set of test data corresponds to an output, and the output can reach the minimum number of steps in the grid labeled N ^ 2.

snake and ladders game

Analysis: Snakes and Ladders Game is a very classic search problem, which requires the fastest (minimum number of dice tosses), so the idea is obvious. If you search widely, and then search for efficiency, you can use the priority queue; then the picture, because it is a two-dimensional circle It is not expressed in coordinates, so it can be stretched into a straight line of length N * N. All players start at Stair 1, and the one who reaches the stairs wins 100 people. If the dice takes you to the bottom of a ladder, you will rise to the top of the ladder. However, if you reach the upper end of a snake, you will slide to the lower end of the snake.


  1. Amazing graphics and snap-in games.
  2. Single player and multiplayer games.
  3. Multi-picture

How To Play Snakes And Ladder:

  1. Start the action, by rolling the dice, by clicking on it.
  2. Until you reach over 100 domineering on the blackboard.
  3. The dice has a value from 1 to 6 The rolling dice, if the value is 1, the player moves forward one position. If the value is 2, then he moves forward and waits for 2 positions.
  4. If you see the value of the dice as 6, then the player gets another chance to play.
  5. When the number reaches 100 on the circuit board, you win.

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