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Pokemon Go APK (2020)-Download Free For PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go APK (2020)-Download Free For PC and Mac is the most played and on-demand video game developed by Niantic. As we all are the huge fans of Pokemon, so the developers thought of creating a game based on this cartoon. This game is praised worldwide and free to download and includes more than 140 Pokemon Go species. But as time passes, the developers have exceeded the limit of Pokemon species to 480 until now. These Pokemon species are very adorable and powerful with multiple talents.

Pokemon games for emulator download is popular among people because of its high definition screening and real graphics. You can now play this game with additional features such as swapping Pokemons between trainers, make friends with each other in the game. As well as you can get hold of legendary Pokemons during special events. You can capture these Pokemon in the town and train them to defend you at the time of the battle. Moreover, you can also coach the Pokemons at the gym and make them fight with each other. This is a great game to play and you can also download it for PC and Mac with Bluestacks emulator.

Gameplay Of Pokemon Go APK (2020):

You can create a game account on the Pokemon Go and customize the avatars available there. After creating the avatar, it can be seen on the player’s geographical location map. You can see these avatars on the map, moving as you move in the game. For example, the Water-Type species of Pokemons live near water areas. Whenever a player captures a Pokemon, you can see the avatar image with the activated AR mode. You can also share the screenshots with your friends whenever encounter a new Pokemon species. Different species of Pokemons live in different places according to the type of environment The map shows two icons such as Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. The Pokemon Gyms are the battle locations for team-up matches.


On the other hand, PokeStops are equipped with Lure Modules that becomes a source of attracting rare and occasionally seen Pokemons. The player can capture a wild Pokemon by flicking the poke ball on it. After capturing it successfully, you can train Pokmon the way you want. And you also get prizes of Candies and Stardust after capturing a new rare Pokemon. There is also a development of new feature i.e Buddy Pokemon. This feature lets you pick a Pokemon that can be shown on the profile screen with the player. You can also read online download best android games PC.

Features of Pokemon Go APK (2020):

  1. You can search, capture and collect many rare Pokemons in various places.
  2. Capture as many Pokemons as you can in order to complete Pokedex.
  3. Train your Pokemon at the gym and set battles with the rivalry Pokemons.
  4. Have a look at the poke stops for gathering potions, berries, poke balls, and other accessories.
  5. You can play in teams with others to capture new pokemon during a raid battle.
  6. Earn experience and fight to increase the level of the game for stronger battles.

Pokemon Go APK ( 2020)-Download Free For PC and Mac Unofficially With Bluestacks:

Pokemon Go APK


You can also play Pokemon Go online from And also download it with an unofficial method that is with Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the emulator that runs android apps on PC and Mac. Here are the steps that will give you complete downloading guidance on how to download Pokemon Go For PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac.

Step 1:

You can download any of your favorite emulators from Best 6 android emulators for PC and Mac. Here I am using Bluestacks emulator as it is the pioneer of emulators and very easy to use. Install Bluestacks from here and start to extract the files.

Step 2:

Now after the extraction process, click on Agree to Terms and Conditions. You have to accept these terms in order to proceed further. Now enter the Gmail i.d as well as password for using Bluestacks features.

Step 3:

After installing Bluestacks and entering the Google email credentials. Now type Pokemon Go in the Playstore’s search bar and click it. And also you can download the apk file of Pokemon Go from your browser and double click this file for further installation on Bluestacks.

Step 4:

After the successful installation of Pokemon Go, get ready to do Pokemon Go APK 2020.


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