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Play Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 (Sega Genesis) | Online Android Games PC

Sonic The Hedgehog for pc and mac

Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 is the Japanese created best android games PC series that spread into the world like fire. The series is quite famous among 19’s kids because of its tremendous playing strategy. Initially, people started to play it on Sega and then it went to the other gaming platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox as well as PC and Mac. It is an interesting game where Sonic halts the Eggman’s plan for world domination. He runs at high speeds through different levels such as slopes, springs, vertical loops, and bottomless pits for collecting gold rings and avoiding enemies.

characters Sonic The Hedgehog for pc and mac

This series has a large number of powerful and artistic characters that include Miles (the Prower), Shadow (the Hedgehog), and Knuckles (the Echidna). Sonic the hedgehog received great reviews from the critics for the fastest speed of the game. But it also got some negative reviews because of its graphics. The publisher also releases its new editions with the passage of time for adding more fun. You can run and spin through loops across seven classic zones and collect the rings. Destroy your enemy and save the world from the evil Eggman.

How to Play Sonic The Hedgehog Android Games PC:

The player has to run constantly at a flash lightning speed through the slopes, jump between the platforms. And avoid touching any type of obstacle. All you need to do is just run at the speed of a plane and collect the gold rings as much as you can. There are two types of definitions available that are 2D and 3D. The 2D is quite simple in which player has to jump and attack while running to reach the endpoint. Whereas, 3D is customizable in which you can customize the player in your own style. And also you can run endlessly in the game and restrain any physical contact with the additional level objectives. You can also read the other running game articles such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc.

Sonic The Hedgehog for pc and mac

The player needs to gather the gold rings for another life chance. These gold rings work as the shield that protects the Sonic from dying. So after coming into contact with any obstacle, instead of dying, the rings just scatter away. Sometimes, the hitting causes 20 gold rings to eject and in some of the cases, it causes all loss of rings. But no need to worry because you can recollect some of the rings as soon as they scatter before they vanish.


  1. Sonic the hedgehog does not charge any money.
  2. It is now available on PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Android mobile, PC and Mac with smooth performance and a good soundtrack.
  3. There is also an addition of new characters that you can use to fly, climb, and glide around the levels offering exciting new ways to explore.
  4. You can play Sonic the hedgehog with HID compatible controllers.
  5. The speed of the game is relatably fast than other running games.

How To Download Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 on PC and Mac:


It is very simple and easy to download this game on your PC and Mac. As you know the android apps are not readily available on PC and Mac. And for this reason, you need to download emulator games for pc

that will transfer the android mobile system into your PC and Mac. So just download the emulator and you will able to use the play store afterward. Just type Sonic The Hedgehog in the search bar of the Playstore and install it. You can know the instructions of downloading Bluestacks, the most reliable and lightweight emulator from here. Or else you can play it online from clicking the link given below.


Play Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 (Sega Genesis)

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