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knife hit game download pc

Knife Hit Game Download PC is one of the best android games pc. The evolution of technology is increasing day by day and so the development of games. When computers and smartphones were not so known, there were a few games launched in the market. But as the interest of people grew, the publishers and creators came up with lots of new ideas and fantasies. There seems a flood of new games in the world of technology during the 90s’. And knife hit download is also one of the newcomers in the list of the top games. It is an interesting game that provides a variety of knives to hit on the rolling board.

” Projectile The Knives At The Whirling Log, Beware Not To Shot The Already Inserted Knife. “

The game is quite simple and has a unique style of play. The player needs to throw the knives into the wooden axis to break it.  And if you will slash the apple, the game will reward you with a new design knife. There are many stages to play in the game. And each stage is complicated and has a great twist. Trust me guys, it is an awesome game to play and the best possible way to kill your free time. You can also read other gaming articles such as Temple Run, Diablo 3, Lupy Games, and other Android Games.

How to Play Knife Hit Game Download PC:

The knife hit download has a simple interface with easy to dart the knives strategy. The game starts with the rotation of the log in which you have to throw the knives to break it. But make sure you do not hit the knives that are already inserted. The level of the game gradually becomes harder making it difficult for the player to hit the knives. With the passage of time, the speed of the spinning log gets faster and you will mischance your shots. So be careful while tapping the screen for throwing the knives.

knife hit download

There are other probes like apples, tomatoes, sushi, shields, and many more that will give you more chances of unlocking knives. You have to keep your mind alert and eyes wide open for tossing the knives on the log. Keep full control of your hands and only tap when seeing the free space on the log. Otherwise, you will end up hitting on the existing knives resulting in defeat. Also check and know more about this game.

How to Download it Or Play Online:

Knife Hit playstore

You can either download it from the play store or play it online. Both things need strong internet connections for smoothly playing the games. You can either play knife hit download from the link given below. Or else just connect your device with the internet and download it from the Playstore. And for downloading this game on PC and Mac, you have to download an emulator first. And then you will be able to simply open the Playstore and install it.


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