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Play And Download Counter Strike Online On PC and Mac – Emulator Gaming


Are you ready to play the Counter-Strike online on PC and Mac? Then here I have found all the features and characteristics of this wonderful online game. Counter-Strike is the multiplayer first-shooter video game that has a lot of exciting striking and defending attacks. This game is basically the modification of Half-Life. The teams are separated on a fighting basis. First one is terrorist who spreads violence by bombing, hostage-taking and killing the civilians. While on the other hand, anti-terrorists save the people from these attacks and make the playground peaceful and prosperous. Moreover, the anti-terrorist teams save the hostages and provide proper protection.


The players can play this game in multiplayer mode with their friends. It is quite the best way to pass your time with fun. So before the round starts, the teams have a short duration to purchase weaponry equipment. You can buy grenades, body armor, weapons, and bomb disposal tool as well. Win the rounds against other teams to gather money for buying new weapons in the new round. This game has many modes of playing that brings more excitement. You can play this game online and free of cost. Below are the features and modes of the Counter-Strike game. You can also download best android games PC.

Playable Modes of Counter-Strike:

counter-strike modes


  • It is free to play the game, you can play it online as well as download it for free.
  • Interesting fight with terrorist teams and anti-terrorist teams
  • You should murder as many people as you can to earn more coins.
  • Defuse the bombs that are planted by the Counterterrorist teams.
  • You can play with your friends in a single room.

Features of CS:

Counter-Strike has introduced 6 different maps on different locations. And 5 unique modes of playing with new and fresh strategies. You can play and control this game with a mouse easily. Use advanced technology weapons, guns, pistols, snipers, grenades, shotguns, automatic rifles. In addition, the game does not demand large space. You will face many counter teams such as SWAT, GIGN, Seal, Spetsnaz and many terrorist team such as Anarchist, Gangster, Balkans, etc.



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