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PC Game Emulator for Android

All the people out there must be expecting the developers to cast a magic spell for transferring the features of video console into Android. And guess what? your wish has come true with the hard work of emulator developers. Eventually, with the wonders of technology, you can also play console games unofficially on Android. And it all became possible with bundles of emulators the developers are producing these days. You must need to know what exactly are these PC Game Emulator for Android which let you play console games on Android.

There are plenty of emulators for Android that gives you the freedom of launching games that are officially connected with other platforms. Every emulator has its different and unique characteristics, features, control pads, and navigation system. And also you can add a partner with the help of Bluetooth or Wifi for creating more fun. But one main thing to keep in mind is not to share copies of games with others neither give BIOS to the other people. So here is a list of Emulators for android which I have personally used. And on that basis sharing my reviews and experience with you.

1. Nostalgia. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator):

Nostalgia. NES is the best emulator for playing Nintendo Entertainment games on Android. You can play any game with the help of a Nostalgia emulator like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, etc. Nostalgia is the most intuitive emulator which is very simple to use. It lets you play the game at a very fast speed and free of ads. Moreover, the control pads are also very easy to use and assist you to win the game. This remarkable emulator is compatible with almost every android device. Just download the ROMs files directly to use this emulator.

2. PPSSPP ( Playstation emulator for Android):

PPSSPP is an astonishing emulator that allows you to play many disc gaming consoles. You can play almost every PSP game with this emulator for Android such as Grand Theft Auto, Dbz (Dragon Ball Z). PPSSPP emulator is fast, reliable, customizable and intuitive. It is available in free mood and the only problem is just you can play the game while facing ads. But you can also use it without ad popups which demand the paid version.

3. Snes9x EX+ (Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator):

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator is a very gaming friendly emulator for Android. Y’all are going to want a 1GHz processor which makes it very easy to download. And also you can add ROMs into your SD card or memory card. Moreover, Snes9x EX+ is the best platform for playing ad-free games. You can also play plenty of games with the Snes9x EX+ emulator just like Kirby, Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, etc.

4. RetroArch Emulator:

RetroArch is an open-source emulator that allows you to play Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Emulator System, Playstation, Sega Genesis, N64 and many more. You can play almost every console type game with the help of RetroArch. Mostly you can also use its advanced features like shaders, rewinding, next-frame response. All you need to do is to just select the emulator gaming console option and run the desired game.

5. MAME4droid:

MAMe4droid is such an emulator that requires dual-core Android devices as it has a higher PC MAME version. You can play a lot of games on MAME4droid that can run smoothly. And also some of the times, the game cannot run properly and causes trouble. You can also attach Bluetooth and USB gamepads for plug and play. It also has an animated touch screen / Dpad. Moreover, the MAMe4droid (PC Game Emulator for Android) also allows you to replace the joystick movement with Tilt Sensor.

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