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Nintendo Emulator PC Download

The Nintendo Emulator PC Download is also known as Family Computer or Famicom. It is the third generation console with an 8-bit home video game that is produced by Nintendo. The NES is produced so that the people who are deprived of Nintendo consoles can also play the games on other platforms. This wonderful emulator launches in many countries including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Fransisco, North America. Nintendo emulator also releases and gain fame in various countries of Europe, Australia, and many more.


But most people are afraid to use emulators which is an unofficial way of downloading android apps and games on PC and Mac. They think that using an emulator is a crime or illegal. But let me tell you, downloading an emulator is not a crime neither illegal. Instead, they give you the right to download android websites on PC. Your only concern should be not to share their copyrighted ROMs online. So shout out to you all for using the Nintendo emulator for PC. Also, check other best android emulator PC free download.

Games on Nintendo Emulator PC Download:


There are plenty of Nintendo Emulator PC Download games that you can enjoy playing on a PC. Here is the list of games that you can select to play.

How To install Yuzu Switch Emulator Without Switch:


Like other emulators, yuzu is an open-source emulator created by Citra for the Nintendo Switch. It is mainly written in C++ which is best for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Here are the simple steps of downloading the yuzu emulator into PC.

Step 1:

Open Google and type the URL

Step 2:

Simply click the download icon on the upper side and hit the green button (Download for Windows x64).

Step 3:

Go to Computer’s download section and press Yuzu-install.

Step 4:

The yuzu installer will ask permission for the package you want to install.

Step 5:

Click the yuzu canary and install it.

Step 6:

Open yuzu canary and hit switch files and select product keys and title keys.

Step 7:

Now click on App data and scroll down to find yuzu icon.

Step 8:

Make two folders sysdata and keys.

Step 9:

From canary, open File and select game directory and click AppData.

Step 10:

Select switch files and click ROMs and select folder.

Step 11:

The games will automatically load on Yuzu Canary.

Step 12:

You can select the Pokemon Tournament and play. You can also watch the setup method from youtube by clicking the icon below.






  1. I seriously cannot wait for that Pokemon Sword And Shield expansion pass. I really wish it didn’t cost money though. Why is Nintendo charging?? It’s going to be thirty dollars! Not sure I’m happy about that lol!

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