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Hearthstone – Play Hearthstone and Download It For PC and Mac

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Recently, Hearthstone Download: Heroes of Warcraft has become a hot topic for many players. As a brand-new card game created by Blizzard, Hearthstone is based on the theme of nine classic heroes in the Warcraft series, providing players with rich characters Cards, through the battle, you can collect more cards, which is very playable. Now follow the public account of “Heartstone Legend” through the easy letter client to have the opportunity to obtain the “hearthstone” packaging and testing activation code.

Want to build a deck yourself and use it to play against other players? Download Hearthstone Legend now and put it into the game, there is nothing more for you to learn than to participate in actual combat! And if you still have some doubts after completing the teaching level, the content of this page will help you to add any missing game knowledge.

How to play Hearthstone Legend game rules:

How to play Hearthstone Legends, what are the rules of Hearthstone Legends game, then let’s take a look at the introduction of Hearthstone Legends game rules!

The first is the career choice:

Every player elects one of the nine typical heroes: Malfurion Stormrage (Druid), Rexxar (Hunter), Jaina Proudmoore (Mage), Uther the Lightbringer (Paladin), Anduin Wrynn (Priest), Valila Sangnar (Stalker), Thrall (Shaman), Gul’dan (Warlock), and Garrosh Hellscream ( warrior). Each hero has a series of exclusive cards, as well as non-exclusive cards available for all classes. Each hero has a hero power that costs 2 mana crystals and can be used at any time during his own turn, but can only be used once per turn.

Card fee introduction:

Each card has a mana crystal cost description required to use the card. The cost reflects from the number in the blue crystal in the upper left corner of the card. The player starts the game with 0 crystal energy and gains 1 mana crystal at the beginning of his turn. Players can only put their hands into the battlefield during their own turn, but not during their opponent’s turn.

Start the game:

Each player’s hero starts the game with 30 health. When a hero’s health drops to 0, the game ends. No matter what cards you uses, the hero’s health can never be more than 30 points. At the beginning of the game, the total number of cards per player is 30, no more, no less. Players cannot have more than 10 hand cards at the same time. When your hand number is 10, any new cards you draw will be sent directly to the graveyard.

Every time you try to draw a card, fatigue damage will increase. For example: At the beginning of your turn, there are 0 cards left in your deck. You make a draw attempt, which triggers fatigue damage and takes 1 damage. In the next round, you will make another draw attempt, but there are still no cards to draw, the fatigue damage you receive increases to 2, and you take 2 damage. If a player causes fatal damage to an opponent and reduces his health to 0, he attempts to draw a card and tries to suffer fatigue damage and die, the game will end in a draw.

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Players toss a coin before the game starts, the winner gets the first hand, and draws 3 cards, and can choose to draw cards from the deck to replace these 3 cards, the cards originally drawn will be put back into the deck in. Once the winner of the coin toss has configured his hand, the loser will draw 4 cards. The coin-throwing loser can choose to raise cards instead of the 4 cards originally drawn, and the originally drawn cards will be put back into the deck. The coin toss loser will also receive an additional card “coin”, which will allow the player to get 1 additional mana crystal in a round. Once both parties have configured their own hands and put the replaced hands back into the deck, the game begins.

The winner of the coin toss wins first, gains 1 mana crystal and draws a card, after which he can play any card and use the card effect that can be activated. Once the coin toss winner has finished placing cards and taking actions, his round ends. The loser of the coin toss begins the first round, gains 1 mana crystal and draws a card, and after the end of the round, the winner of the coin toss takes the next round. This will rotate repeatedly until a hero’s health becomes 0..

Battle damage settlement:

Unlike other games, battles and spells are settled in stages. In Hearthstone legend, each walking action taken by the player will be settled immediately so that the player can consider how to walk next. Example: If you want to use 3 servants on the field to launch an attack, you can only choose one of them to launch an attack in one action. The damage caused will be resolved immediately, and then the next one will be selected. Players who initiate an attack manifesto always need to choose an attack target. Friendly minions / heroes cannot attack other friendly minions (but heroes can always use hero power against friendly minions).

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It’s not just battles that use real-time settlement. You can use spells, hero powers, and cards from your hand according to the number of mana crystals you want, using your minions / heroes to launch attacks. Throughout the round, your strategy may change due to the effects of certain cards.

Effects OF Cards( Hearthstone PC):

The effects is shown in cards are generally settled according to the order in which they are used. The settlement effect of cards already on the battlefield is better than the cards just put on the battlefield. Example: There are flying knives on the field (card effect: after you summon a servant, causing 1 damage to a random enemy), the player summons Leeroy Jenkins (card effect: charge; battle cry: for your opponent Summon 2 1/1 hatchlings). The 1 damage dealt by the flying knife will be settled before Leeroy Jenkins’s young dragons are call for the field. Therefore, the flying knifeman’s card effect cannot treat the young dragons called by Leeroy Jenkins as damage targets.

As for combat damage resolution, the attacking servant / hero’s attack power value will be directly subtracted from the attacked party’s health. If the hit party’s health drops to 0, the card will be destroyed. At the same time, the attacking force value of the attacked party removes from the attacking party’s health. This is called counter-attack damage. If the health of the attacking party drops to 0, the card will also be destroyed. The damage caused by spells or abilities is also subtracted from the target’s health. But the target does not cause counter-attack damage to the caster.The above is the introduction of Hearthstone Legend game rules, I hope to help everyone! You can download Hearthstone easily by clicking the below icon.



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