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Download Facebook Messenger Android, PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac (2020)

download facebook messenger Android pc

Do you want to spread the boundaries of work and relations to the world? Then Download Facebook Messenger Android PC 2020 is the perfect destination. You can easily contact with different pages, groups, persons, friends, and community. The development of Facebook lets the world stay close to each other. You can interact with new friends, family members and engage with related communities. This app lets people share only that data that you allow the public to see. With the advancement, it also lets you share the status for 24 hours. Many people also ask How to hide my online status on Facebook?  The answer is very simple just click on turn off chat icon and enjoy your privacy. All users can also share photos, videos, pictures, and links easily. Moreover, Facebook is the prototypical online social networking system that lets you stay connected with your friends and family. Unfortunately, it is not available directly for Windows 7, 8, 10 versions. You can download this app on Windows 7, 8, 10 with the help of Bluestacks.

What is download Facebook Messenger Android PC:

Download Facebook Messenger Android PC is an app that socializes life and offers its features for free. You can share your work with classmates, colleagues, etc. Moreover, you can share ideas and opinions with people you may know or not. You can sign up for Facebook without spending a cent on it. And stay connected with friends and family. Facebook also helps you in finding the missing person whom you have not contacted for ages. So here is a list of Facebook Download For PC and Mac 2020 features.


Facebook alerts you about your friends when they like or comment on your shared post. It also notifies you whenever someone sent you a friend request. With the help of notifications, you get to know what your friends are doing.

The Wall:


download facebook messenger Android pcThe front page shows your activity and the shared post is called a wall. It also shows the comments of friends and the unknown. Whenever you post a picture or video or any idea that will be seen on your wall. Your privacy settings will allow which type of audience can see it like:

Official Pages:

Facebook also allows you to run an official page. Popular people can also get more famous through advertising their page. You can also make pages for actors, movies, every class of brands, TV serials, sports, websites.

Configuration Of Privacy:

Once you make a free profile page on facebook. Configuring privacy is your next step. On the upper right corner, hit the inverted triangle and upgrade settings according to you. You can give Biodata like education, hobbies, work and contact information, vice versa. Set the audience accordingly to make sure who can see your information.

Online Games:

Facebook also allows you to have more fun in addition to chatting and sharing videos and pictures. Facebook has spread worldwide so quickly because of Farmville, Candy crush, clash of clans, etc. You can also play online games with your friends. On the left-hand side, there is a game bar featured in there. You can click it and play online games without spending money. Instant games are easy to play online. There is a bunch of games like Super Dash, Mars Rover, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Daily Soduko, Basketball FRVR, etc. You can also send gifts and coins while playing a game.

Current Affairs:

Facebook lets you up-to-date with the situations this world is going through. You are always alerted about government policies, new rules, and rituals. You can also know about the activities of your favorite celebrities.

Backup Policy:

Your data is saved for a lifetime once you install your pictures and videos. The information is stored in the albums section and never removed from there.

Security and Facebook login:


This unique feature is allowed only on Facebook. You can check where your I.D was logged in. Facebook alerts you where your I.D was last logged in and from which place. This astonishing feature lets you track if your I.D is hacked or not. If it is hacked, then you can report it.

How to Install Download Facebook Messenger Android PC ( 2020):


There is no direct access to Download Facebook Messenger Android PC. You can download messenger from a third party emulator. You can download it on PC through NOX.

Step 1:

First of all download Nox Player on your PC.

Step 2:

Now open Playstore from Nox Player home screen.

Step 3:

Type Facebook Messenger and install it.

Step 4:

You can also download the APK file of Messenger to your PC.

Step 5:

Now take the file to the Nox Player home screen and install it.

You can connect to the whole world with this useful app. Facebook users always complain about privacy.
People can follow your favorite celebrities and check their news feed.Students spend the most time using this app It is very time-consuming.
It spreads out the business and let it reach to people.Your I.D can be hacked.

Requirements to Install Facebook:

In order to install this app on your PC. The minimum requirement is your PC should have:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1.
  • Windows 10.
  • Vista or XP.
  • 500 MB or more.
  • Intel Pentium.


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