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ePSXe Emulator – Download ePSXe Games For PC and Android

ePSXe emulator

ePSXe emulator is an old- fashioned, free PlayStation (PS1 / PSX) game emulator. The latest official version is the v2.0.5 free installation English version (Windows). It has not been updated again for more than three years. The version of any language culture can also be found on the road, which is quite convenient.

In addition to the red and white machines, the author has only borrowed SFC with friends for a while. For the impression of the mainframe, I only played SEGA Saturn (SS) and PS at the home of my classmates when I was a kid. After the emulator, you can reminisce about the classics. In addition to ePSXe, the RetroArch omnipotent simulator, PCSX2 Android, introduced before can support more consoles and games, and it is recommended to everyone!

  • Official website:
  • Operating environment: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
  • Software Language: English
  • Nature of software: free
  • Download files: Windows, other versions

How to solve the problem that ePSXe emulator cannot execute the game:

During the trial period, the author found that the v2.05 version cannot run the game normally, and the software version (such as v2.02) can be abnormal. After checking the discussion on the other side, this problem may be caused by the CPU overclocking setting. Just adjust it to ” x1 ” in ” Options → CPU overclocking ” . If it is already x1, set up another test ( for example, x1 → x2 → x1 ), maybe it can solve your problem!

The second solution is that the day after the software was abnormal, the ” re-download ” v2.05 version is normal. I ‘m not sure whether the system or antivirus is related, but at least it can be executed normally!


ePSXe emulator

How to Use ePSXe simulator use instruction:

  • Unzip after downloading the file, and then run the ePSXe emulator.
  • From the File drop-down menu, you can read PS discs or image file formats: BIN, ISO, IMG, CUE, CCD, MDS, PBP, ECM.
  • In the Run drop-down menu, you can quickly save (F1) and read (F3) game records.

ePSXe Common Settings: Game Acceleration, Language, Screen size, Control buttons:

  1. In the Options setting menu, CPU overclocking is the game’s “resident acceleration” function. The default is x1, which can accelerate up to 4 times (x4).
  2. UI Language can change the software language, but the official download version only has a built-in English language.
  3. In the Config configuration option, the Plugins (plug-in) include video, sound, network connection, etc. Which is generally not particularly affected.
  4. The video option is the setting of the simulator screen.
  5. The default is Window mode, you can customize the window size or change to full screen.The options for displaying FPS and setting vertical sync … can be checked below. The bottom left is the built-in ” Quick Settings ” of the simulator, which is divided into Fast and Nice. Here, you can test and select according to the level of the personal computer.
  6. GamePads is the emulator button settings, click ” Pad 1 ” to enter the menu.
  7. The simulator will automatically detect the connection mode (the author currently uses the keyboard). The “default” buttons on the handle can be edited and changed. Remember to click ” OK ” to save after changing.
  8. In addition, the ” handle form ” can be replaced at the upper right, and the corresponding buttons will also be different. You can study it yourself here.



ePSXe Game Screen, Pause/Resume Game, Framelimit Forced Acceleration:

  • In the game ROMs download page, it is usually classified in PS1 or ” PSX “, sometimes you will miss it if you don’t pay attention, and you need to pay special attention. Here, the ePSXe emulator is used to execute the game schematic screen.
  • When you play a paragraph, or temporarily want to ” pause “, click ” Esc ” on the upper left of the keyboard to interrupt; if you want to continue the game, you can click Continue in the Simulator Run drop-down menu.
  • If the emulator accidentally ” turns off “, you cannot use the “continue game” function, so it is also very important to save the game (F1) at any time.
  • In addition, there are usually many ” drag time ” screens in the game. You can click ” F4 ” at the top of the keyboard to force the game to accelerate (the Framelimit screen will be displayed at the upper right) , and then press ” F4 ” again to restore the original speed.


ePSXe emulator download

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