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Criminal Case Game Download | Play Criminal Case Facebook- Emulator Gaming

Criminal Case Game Download

Do you guys have detective blood and love solving Criminal Case Game Download? Then I have found a solution for you all. It is the marvelous spy game that solves thousands of murder mysteries every day. You can even bewitch hidden objects with the help of Grimsborough police. The actual suspense of the game is about the murder of an innocent girl whose name is Rosa Wolf. You have to wander and inspect who killed Rosa Wolf. The player has to gather bundles of evidence for winning the game.


Criminal Case game download is free to use the game on Facebook. All you need to do is just make a Facebook account and install the game. Moreover, this game has gained popularity in less time because of its attractive features. This game is rising on the top among other Facebook games with more than millions of downloads. Everybody wants to play this game because they find plenty of chances to solve a mystery. And people love those games which challenge them on the intellectual level. You can also check the criminal case gameplay from clicking the icon below.



  • Lots of chances to investigate crime scenarios and lessen the ratio of crime rate by solving the mystery and handling over the criminal to the cops.
  • Share the game with your friend circle and increase your mysterious levels.
  • Collect as much evidence as possible to gain more clues and solve the murder mystery.
  • Cross-question with the suspects and witnesses.
  • And surrender the murderer in front of the Judge.

Levels To Play In Criminal Case Game Download:

There are 800+ levels to play in the Criminal Case Game Download. For getting into an advanced level in the game, the player has to achieve certain XP rewards. And as they reach the new level the ranks are automatically alloted to the players. Such as if you are playing level 1, then your rank must be an officer. And if you are on level 45, the rank is Lieutenant. Moreover, if the player’s level is 85 then you are ranked as vice Director. Also, check for another download best android games PC.



Criminal Cases Assigned To The Player:

Criminal Case Game Download


The game is quite interesting and popular with more than millions of downloads. Criminal Case got fame because of its interesting detecting and mysterious challenges to the players. There are many kinds of criminal cases allocate to the players as they pass the consecutive levels in the game. Just like murder cases, theft cases, harassment cases and many more. And also the people are arrested because of driving while drunk as it is very dangerous and can be fatal to the civilians. Moreover, the people are charged by the cops because of injuring a civilian or ruining the public or government properties.




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