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Modern Warfare Reddit – Call of Duty for PC/Mac OS/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii

Modern Warfare Reddit - Call of Duty

Modern Warfare Reddit – Call of Duty for PC/Mac OS/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii is one of the best 2020 video games among the Call of duty game series. It is a first shooter video game that is released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The story revolves around a fanatic leader who has tried to execute the respected President of some unknown country in the Middle East area. And this provokes the people of the country to Civil war in Russia.

It is the first-person action game in which you are exchanged in place of the soldier, who has to fight to save the country. You have to pass different modes of game as well as show your abilities to fight. You can think of different possible strategies to win the game. The game is developed keeping in view the countries such as the UK, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Moreover, the Multiplayer mode of the game offers the players numerous modes. With the multiplayer mode of playing, you can unlock new and advanced weapons. You can download Call of duty-Modern Warfare from here.

The Gameplay of Modern Warfare Reddit – Call of Duty for PC/Mac OS/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii:


Modern Warfare Reddit - Call of Duty


This time the developers have added new equipment and features for adding more thrill to the game. Such as in multiplayer mode you can use killstreaks (Allowing a number of enemies to kill at once without the player being dead). And also the player can be placed in three postures including standing,  crouching and lying flat. You can also use a cover shield that protects from enemies firing and recover the player after suffering a lot of damage. But you need to take care of your heartbeat increasing as well as the edges of the screen turning red. Because in Modern Warfare Reddit – Call of Duty, there are no health power-ups neither armors for protection and healing. You can also use the marker while playing that shows the direction of grenade and lets you fly away from the area or either fire back at the enemy.

Single Player Campaign:

The players can take on the role of plenty of characters while playing a single-player campaign. The player can exchange its interpretation with other characters during the missions. You can have a look at the objectives that shows the direction and distance. There are many kinds of objectives that come in the way of players. Like in some objectives you have to eliminate the enemies from the play area. And in another objective, you have to reach the checkpoint. After completing the objectives you can unlock other missions. The mission is about to kill terrorists who have hijacked the VIP passengers on the airplane and made them hostages. You can also check online download best android games PC.



Multiplayer mode also has many objectives to pass with smart strategies. The players can attack the helicopters when they face 3 or 7 enemy killstreaks. The game comes to end when the timer expires and you reach the maximum points. The last man standing in the group or who crosses the level of objectives first is declared the winner. Also read gaming articles like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Apex Legends, Minecraft, Borderlands 3.

Platforms For Installing Call of Duty-Modern Warfare:

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Playstation 3.
  • Mac OS X.
  • Xbox 360.
  • Wii.

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