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Android Emulator for PC Free Download – Emulator Gaming

Android Emulator for PC Free Download

The journey of technology started with mobile phones to the Android system. And now it has become easy to emulate the android OS system from mobile phones into PC and Mac. The need for using the Android system into PC began with many demands these users were having. For instance, if someone wants to play a game on a large screen or use a mouse or keyboard instead of a touch screen. Or if people wanted to make a trial of any app or game on their computer first just for the sake of preventing malware stepping into the mobile phones. So these things led the developers to create an android emulator for PC free download.

These emulators are developed so that you can download Android apps and games on PC and Mac. Like if you want to download any game such as Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run. You can easily download it by installing an emulator for PC and Mac. And also if you want to download any app just like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. You can also download these apps permanently on your PC and Mac. So what does an emulator actually does is it emulates mobile system into you PC or Laptop. And it is quite beneficial as if you are an employe and your boss is grumpy. Then you can install an emulator and use all your mobile phone apps directly on PC or Laptop. Without letting your boss know any activity about your scrolling. So, guys, I have found many Android emulators for PC free download for you all. You can read all the features these emulators are offering and can opt for the best one. Also, check the Android emulator for games from here.

“The following are the emulators which we have tested and used ourselves. And now we are sharing the reviews on the basis of every emulator’s performances.”

Table of Contents

1. Bluestacks:

Android Emulator for PC Free Download

When talking about emulators, then Bluestacks has still maintained its first position. You can download any app or game easily on PC and Mac by using it. This is the best emulator that is slightly weighted and does not consume much memory. And also it does not hang the functioning of your PC and Mac. Moreover, it is designed to enable Android applications to run on PC and Mac. And the best thing about it is that it has an intuitive design that can be understood by persons of every age. You can download Bluestacks emulator on PC for playing the games in good quality graphics and more comprehend sound system. This emulator only demands Windows 7 or higher system memory. 5 GB of hard drive space and intel or AMD processor. And in the case of macOS, it requires 4 GB RAM AND 4 GB disk space. You can also read more information about Bluestacks from here.


Android Emulator for PC Free Download

AMIDuOS is an android emulator that is best for installing mobile phone apps directly on the PC. You can download and play every game easily with it. AMIDuOS is also the same in functioning as Bluestacks and Nox. But the difference is it does not give access to the play store. Instead, you can download the apk file of any game or app with it. You can attach other gaming devices for the better control of the games. AMIDuOS is compatible with Amazon and Apk and uses an android lollipop in its system. For the installation of AMIDuOS, you need Windows 7 or higher than this.

3. Nox:

Android Emulator for PC Free Download

Nox emulator is specially designed for game lovers as it supports plenty of gaming devices. It works in collaboration with GDRP that protects your privacy against cybercriminals. It is the best emulator for PC and Mac that lets you play the game in high definition quality and without the interruption of annoying ads. You can also connect joystick, gameboard, and keyboard. Install Nox emulator and enjoy playing the game smoothly without any interruptions. And also this emulator has a simple interface that makes it even more astonishing emulator among others in the market. The installation of the Nox emulator requires Windows 7 or 10 with 1.5 GB RAM and 2.5 GB disc space.

4. MEmu:



MEmu is again one of the best emulators that provides you a wide platform of downloading android games on PC and Mac. It also provides you the facility of downloading apk files directly from browsers to the emulator. You can connect any gamepad device such as the keyboard, joystick, mouse, Xbox 360 controller, and many more. And also it lets you share the data files between the Windows and the Android systems. Now you can enjoy playing multiple free games on PC and Mac with larger and high definition resolutions.

5. Genymotion:



Genymotion is the best emulator that everyone can use for testing strategies. You can test out any app or game by downloading it first on computer rather than on mobile phones. It works quite smoothly and does not establish any hurdle in playing the game or scrolling the apps. Genymotion is quite fast and very easy to use the emulator that has become the reason for success. This smart emulator downloads and transfers related configuration files that are required by each virtual device. So now you can test every game on PC and save your mobile phones from the virus.



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