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Best Android Games PC

From living into an era where we started playing games on PC and ended into playing games on Android smartphones. Its been a long journey so far and newly introduced technologies have totally nailed it.

In the early time, people who wish to use the PC or play games on it, need to sit permanently with it as PC is not a portable device. So for this reason, the developers thought of creating Best Android Games PC portable device (Android Smartphones) which everyone can use no matter where ever they go. Nowadays there are very rare persons who do not own a mobile. And as we all know Android smartphones are the mandatory needs of everyone and sources of entertainment.

With the success of Android smartphones, the developers started publishing new games. And these games acted as a magnet and provoke people to buy android smartphones. But many people who still had to play their favorite games on PC were waiting for a magic wand to turn around. And all the PC games Ported to Android smartphones so that they can carry the mobiles with them and play the games whenever they wanted.

So I have prepared a list of Android Best Games PC for you all. You can read them and revive the games on Android smartphones which you used to play on PC.

Grand Theft Auto (Vice City):



When we talk about games, the first name that comes into mind is actually Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It is one of the best pioneers of PC games that got huge fame within no time. It is available for playing on Android smartphones as well as iOS. You can play any version of the game such as GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA SanAndreas on your android mobiles and iOS. The game worth $6.99 and lets you explore the city without any restrictions. You will witness shootings, violence, murders, and never-ending missions.

Transistor (Best Android Games PC):



The transistor is also one of the Android Best Games PC that was first released for PC and PS4. But now you can play the Transistor game on your android mobile phones. It is the action role-playing video game that lets you destroy the rivals with the sword attack. The game is mesmerizing because of the HD graphics and good sound quality. Now play this game and attack the robotic force and use the power of the transistor that is buried into Red’s chest. Play the game on android and make the touch screen your power for winning every battle and collecting coins and Functions that are fallen from the victims.

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic:



Star wars are among the list of PC games Ported to Android. After the success of this game on the PC, the developers also launched it for Android and iOS. It is an action role-playing video game that will let you experience unique characters, vehicles, weapons, and planets. Moreover, you will also get an adventurous journey to the iconic Star Wars locations including Tatooine, Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk, etc. Use your starship and travel along eight distinct worlds. And one more thing about this game is you can choose the nine characters team yourself.




Hearthstone is the award-winning collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is also the best  Best Android Games PC that is very interesting to play. You can experience the magic, mischief with your friends and family. Establish your deck and enjoy the power of astonishing minions and spells. You can also explore the animals as well as powerful weapons. One thing to keep in mind before playing this game, you need to be as cunning as a fox. Defeat your rivals by playing guile strategies and earn the glory.


Half-Life 2 (Best Android Games PC):



When talking about authenticity and responsive games, then Half-Life 2 has maintained its prior position. While playing this game you will feel yourself facing the environment in real. Your presence will affect the environments and also the emotions either it is happy or sad. This game is most popular because of its high definition graphics which make it more like a real-life game. Moreover, it is available in nearly every language such as English, French, German, Chinese, Dutch, and many more. Now you can play this game on Android smartphones and iOS. And it costs only $9.99.

XCOM-Enemy Within:



XCOM Enemy Within is an updated version of the previous game XCOM Enemy Unknown. This game was released for PC and PS4 and now you can also avail of the features of XCOM on Android. It is a graphically rich game with advanced features. For playing this Android Best Games PC, you need to fight the two aliens with new sharp and bold strategies. This time you will find modernize weapons, maps, units, and abilities. And also you need to rescue your XCOM headquarters from becoming alien’s target.

Cost: $5.1

The Wolf Among Us(Best Android Games PC):



The Wolf Among Us is based on the comic book series and is very interesting to play. While playing the game you will experience many characters such as fairytales, legends, snow white and many more. The big bad wolf is the murderer in this game. And his only mission is to kill the characters from fairytales in a violent manner. It is now available for Android as well as iOS. Its first release is free of cost but the 2-5 versions are paid.


Baldur’s Gate:



Baldur’s Gate is a fantasy-based game that’s the main theme is about dragons and dungeons. You will experience plenty of heroes and tales of the sword coast. This game is recommended for android mobiles that have screen size under 7 inches. And also you can customize your hero the way you want. Make a party of brave allies and go for searching the truth in the Sword Coast. The game can be played on Android and iOS and it provides you straight 60 hours adventure.

Cost : $9.99


Football Manager 2019 Touch (Best Android Games PC):



Football Manager 2019 Touch is the game made especially for football lovers. The game includes 116 leagues and 51 nations overall. You can play the seasons and also do the practices in pre-matches for better performance. You may also take the help of the Manager who will guide you and prepare you for the Match day. Football Manager 2019 Touch game has real HD graphics that make it more enchanting and also become the reason for fame. Now you can practice your game and prove yourself in the finals.

Cost: $18.07





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